Graphic Design

Brochures, Flyers, Product Marketing & Advertising

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Chances are you’ve worked hard to establish trust, confidence and quality in your product or service. We’ll help you visually communicate your company identity to current and prospective clients/customers with effective design, advertising & branding strategies across your print & web assets.

Whatever your product, service or event, quality and effective marketing is essential. We can help you target clients and customers with effective, eye catching professional print and online design, marketing, advertising and social campaign assets.

  • Prodigal Son Handout
    Prodigal Son Handout
  • Return to Sender CD
    Return to Sender CD
  • Art Fest Boca Poster
    Art Fest Boca Poster
  • Platinum Elite Black Gold Trading Card
    Platinum Elite Black Gold Trading Card
  • Nationwide Notice Brochure
    Nationwide Notice Brochure
  • Art Fest Boca Poster
    Art Fest Boca Poster
  • Life Worth Giving Handout
    Life Worth Giving Handout
  • Nationwode Notice Business Cards
    Nationwide Notice Business Cards
  • Until That Day DVD
    Until That Day DVD
  • Preferred Players Brochure
    Preferred Players Brochure
  • You Move Me CD
    You Move Me CD
  • Life Handout
    Life Handout
  • Platinum Elite Base Card
    Platinum Elite Base Card

Branding & Logos

Logos/Social Media/Business Cards

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Here at Design Cloud, I give a perfect visual shape to brands and satisfy their branding needs of today. Whether a simple or brand logo design, I know how to design logos for both individuals and companies. Providing state-of-the-art services and help small businesses to become corporate brands. Professionally trained and having years of experience, thus delivering exquisite company visual designs to compliment your objective.

  • Platinum Elite Logo
  • Sportacular Logo
    Sportacular Logo
  • Seconds Count App Logo
    Seconds Count App Logo
  • Premiere Gear Logo
    Premiere Gear Logo
  • Oakview Nursing Home
    Oakview Nursing Home
  • Preferred Players Logo
    Preferred Players Logo
  • Nationwide Notice Logo
    Nationwide Notice Logo
  • Onyx Authenticated Logo
    Onyx Authenticated Logo
  • Elite Limited Logo
    Elite Limited Logo
  • Clubhouse Collection Logo
    Clubhouse Collection Logo

Web Design

Wordpress & HTML

A business can’t effectively compete in any market today without an online presence. Whether you are looking to redesign or establish a new website, I can help. My designs deliver quality work no matter what your budget.

Packaging & Display

Retail Products & Trade Show Displays

Stand apart from the crowd.
My retail design and packaging helps your product stand out in competitive markets no matter who your resellers are. Or if you need an effective off-site presence my trade show booth packages are a perfect choice for any size or budget.

  • Platinum Elite Retail Box
    Platinum Elite Retail Box
  • Platinum Elite Retail Box
    Platinum Elite Retail Box
  • Nationwide Notice Tradeshow Booth
    Nationwide Notice Tradeshow Booth
  • Onyx Authenticated Tradeshow Booth
    Onyx Authenticated Tradeshow Booth
  • Madeline Cafe Food & Drink Packaging
    Madeline Cafe Food & Drink Packaging
  • Baughns Brew Microbrew
    Baughns Brew Microbrew
  • Elite Ltd Retail Box
    Elite Ltd Retail Box
  • Onyx Trading Card Retail Box
    Onyx Trading Card Retail Box

Photoshop Tools

Helping Designers Design

Your average designer often has parts of a project that would benefit from countless hours of work, however deadlines persist. That is why Design Cloud has developed these ever growing designer toolsets. Easily and quickly use photoshop to add design elements to your latest project.

  • Pro Designer Toolkit
    Pro Designer Toolkit
  • Logo/Insignia Collection
    Logo/Insignia Collection
  • 3D Ice Text FX
    3D Ice Text FX
  • Custom Shapes
    Custom Shapes
  • Real Neon Pro FX
    Real Neon Pro FX
  • Pro Lighting FX
    Pro Lighting FX
  • Retro Type Toolkit
    Retro Type Toolkit
  • Retro 3D Text Collection
    Retro 3D Text Collection

Flyer Design

Editable Photoshop Templates

With over 12,500 flyer templates sold and Elite Author Status achieved at Graphic, my photoshop flyer templates make promoting a product, service or event a breeze.

Flyer Feed (Graphic River)

  • Sunday Night Football
    Sunday Night Football
  • BBQ Party
    BBQ Party
  • Cinco De Mayo
    Cinco De Mayo
  • Praise and Worship
    Praise and Worship
  • Hip Hop Dubstep
    Hip Hop Dubstep
  • VIP Fridays
    VIP Fridays
  • Summer Party Retro
    Summer Party Retro
  • White Elephant
    White Elephant
  • Winter X-Treme
    Winter X-Treme
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
    Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Ultimate Football
    Ultimate Football
  • Her Birthday
    Her Birthday
  • Karaoke Night
    Karaoke Night
  • Spring Festival
    Spring Festival
  • BBQ Kings
    BBQ Kings
  • Oktoberfest
  • Taco Tuesdays
    Taco Tuesdays
  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy
  • Super Dad
    Super Dad
  • Mothers Day
    Mothers Day
  • Snowboard Winter
    Snowboard Winter
  • Singer Songwriter
    Singer Songwriter
  • Mother's Day Brunch
    Mother's Day Brunch
  • Easter Brunch
    Easter Brunch
  • Movie Night
    Movie Night
  • Boxing Fight Night
    Boxing Fight Night
  • Backyard BBQ
    Backyard BBQ
  • Playoff Football
    Playoff Football
  • Summer Jams Tour
    Summer Jams Tour
  • Summer Retro
    Summer Retro
  • Summer Festival
    Summer Festival
  • Love Fest
    Love Fest
  • Summer Sessions Retro
    Summer Sessions Retro
  • Football Flyer
    Football Flyer
  • Fishing Tournament
    Fishing Tournament
  • St. Patrick's Day Extravaganza
    St. Patrick's Day Extravaganza
  • Rustic Thanksgiving
    Rustic Thanksgiving
  • Mother's Day Brunch
    Mother's Day Brunch
  • July 4
    July 4
  • Easter Event
    Easter Event
  • Qanon
  • Playoff Gameday
    Playoff Gameday
  • Rock Your Face Off
    Rock Your Face Off
  • Playoff Gameday
    Playoff Gameday
  • Realty Multipurpose
    Realty Multipurpose
  • Surf's Up Retro
    Surf's Up Retro
  • Playoff Gameday Event
    Playoff Gameday Event
  • Super Ball
    Super Ball
  • Labor Day Weekend
    Labor Day Weekend
  • March Mayhem
    March Mayhem
  • Veterans Day Salute
    Veterans Day Salute
  • Summer Sessions
    Summer Sessions
  • Spring Splash Retro
    Spring Splash Retro
  • Bass Master
    Bass Master
  • Jingle Bell Rock
    Jingle Bell Rock
  • Oktoberfest
  • Mardi Gras Jazz Fest
    Mardi Gras Jazz Fest
  • Country Road
    Country Road
  • College Bowl
    College Bowl
  • Rockfest Grunge
    Rockfest Grunge
  • Gig Concert
    Gig Concert
  • Friday Night Jams
    Friday Night Jams
  • Class Christmas Party
    Class Christmas Party
  • Jingle Jam
    Jingle Jam
  • Big Indie Nights
    Big Indie Nights
  • Hockey Gameday
    Hockey Gameday
  • Mardi Gras Jazz Fest
    Mardi Gras Jazz Fest
  • Summer Beach Splash
    Summer Beach Splash
  • Retro Football
    Retro Football
  • Elegant Valentine
    Elegant Valentine